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TGAP (Trans Greater Access Project)


As a leader within the women’s health movement, CWHC recognizes the ways in which gender oppression and prejudice in our society inhibit access to respectful health care. As society continues to evolve, we remain committed to reexamining the spectrum of such oppressions to serve the present needs of our community. As LGBTQ people and allies ourselves, we understand the difficulties trans-identified people may face when seeking medical care, and we are committed to examining and expanding our services to provide affordable, respectful health care to trans communities.

Reflecting that commitment, CWHC created the Trans Greater Access Project (TGAP). TGAP is an agency-wide initiative focused on increasing access to affirming health services for trans-identified individuals. Through collaboration with community partners and our clients, we strive to provide services that are trans-positive and informed by trans people. As we grow this program, we recognize that we are not serving trans men and trans women in the same capacity. We are working diligently to expand our services to meet the needs of all trans people.

At CWHC, we take our commitment to providing high quality and competent care very seriously. Therefore, we approach program growth and new services mindfully and slowly. This helps us ensure that we are providing intentional, informed care. As a small, community-based organization, we also find value in creating new programming gradually, ensuring that this growth is sustainable.

As we grow our capacity and services, we value transparency with our community and continue to collaborate with trans-identified community members and clients in informing this process. To find out more about the history and development of TGAP and opportunities to be involved with TGAP at CWHC, click here.

CWHC is proud to serve trans communities through the following services: Some of our providers have more extensive training in trans health issues; therefore, we invite our clients to request a TGAP provider.

All services are offered on a self determined, sliding fee scale.

For more information on payment procedures and the self-pay sliding scale, click here.

Services for All Trans Clients:

Integrative Health Services. CWHC offers alternative health care modalities including acupuncture and massage therapy. These complementary health services can help address side effects associated with hormone therapy, as well as support your general well-being.
Counseling and Therapy. CWHC’s counseling program offers individual counseling, crisis counseling, groups, and workshops. We also offer short-term counseling for trans individuals desiring support when initiating or considering hormone therapy.
Alternative Insemination (AI). Our AI program is designed to provide affirming care to a diversity of LGBTQ families and single people who do not have access to sperm. We facilitate and support all stages of this process with consultation, fertility awareness education, and insemination services.

Services Specifically for Transmasculine Individuals:

• Masculinizing Hormone Therapy. We offer hormone therapy to clients seeking to initiate or maintain Testosterone therapy. As a pilot program, we invite clients to offer feedback and input about our hormone administration process. Call to request a TGAP appointment.
Gynecological Services. Our gynecology program provides transmasculine and gender queer clients with access to sensitive basic gynecological care that has been informed by trans people.

Services in Development Specifically for Transfeminine Individuals:

In 2011, we began developing a pilot program for clients who wish to begin or continue feminizing hormone therapy. We have completed focus groups with members of the transfeminine communities and are now working to develop services incorporating valuable input from focus group participants, other endocrine therapy providers and best practices utilizing an informed consent model. Check back here for updates. For more information, please call us at 773-935-6126 ext 227.